• Blue Venture

    Guiding you to solid diving around the world

    Blue Venture is a dive travel agency offering a wide range of unique destinations, each carefully chosen by combining the current trends in diving and travelling in order to satisfy both above and below the water line.

    Behind Blue Venture is one of the largest networks connecting some of the most experienced divers and their many years of personal experience in teaching, travelling and developing the dive industry!

Our photographers

  • The ocean is what inspires us…

    We hope that we, our friends and professional playmates will inspire you!

    Underwater photography is a specialized art. To get close to your subject you must be a fish amongst fishes, work the art of limitations with natural and unnatural light, animal behavior, seasons and buoyancy. The trick is to simply spend huge amounts of time underwater, something we can relate to! Throughout our website and brochures, you find awesome photography provided by world class underwater photographers, all inspiring through different styles and subjects. We hope this makes you crave another dive… Nothing beats a day in the ocean…