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Galapagos - Santa Cruz, Ecuador

Fundiving (4 days / 3 nights. Incl. 4 dives)

The diving
Have you ever seen or heard about the amazing Galapagos?
If you have, you might have been wondering, HOW do I get here? And most importantly, HOW do I get to go diving with all those amazing sea creatures!
We have the Answer…

Galapagos IS one of the 7 Underwater Wonders of our world, with the marine iguanas, the sea lions, the galapagos sharks, the mobula, eagle and manta rays, seahorses and (not to forget) the beautiful hammerhead sharks! 
But don’t fool yourself… The Galapagos are not like your average tropical island. The water can get down to 18 degrees in the winter time (September, October, November), and the currents can be playful at some of the bigger sites.

This is no problem! YOU will be going with the absolutely BEST dive center in the area. They will make sure you wear the right thermal protection, and they will be guiding you on dive sites that does not exceed your experience level. 
One tip of advise… remember to look up and around. Galapagos are home to incredible marine life, and by looking above and to the sides, you should be guaranteed some of those amazing encounters all divers are dreaming about!

Okay, we will not go nuts on describing the Galapagos, there are so many islands and so much to do… Go GOOGLE it, if you haven’t already! In particular, WE like the island of Santa Cruz. It has a great beach, a lovely atmosphere and it is the perfect island to chill on, during the days you are diving. 
We have to give the island one extra point, for our passionate dive center. They will bend their back to send you out on the best possible adventures... and not just for diving. They have so much knowledge of the area and the surrounding islands, that they will become your go-to place, when you need advise on what and where. If you bring family or friends that are not diving, let them swing bye the dive center for their advise on extra special trips.

Your accommodation
Your accommodation at Casa De Mathias, is half the wonder of this diving experience. Your super cozy private room/apartment is located in a lovely garden in a quiet family neighborhood. Chill in the hammocks, cook in your kitchen, or jump on your bike and head over to your favorite restaurant.  

Your room
Double or twin beds, A/C & fan, hot water shower, fully equipped kitchen, Tv & DVD’s, drinking water, bed linens and a daily cleaning service.

Days / Nights included 4 days / 3 nights
Amount of dives included 4 dives
Days / Nights included 6 days / 5 nights
Amount of dives included 8 dives
1 extra night of accom. (after) € 56
1 extra night of accom. (before) € 56
Extra day of diving (2 dives), accom. not incl. € 225